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UMT Development History
Release Time:2022-06-10


UMT is  headquartered in Wuxi, Jiangsu, and has branches in Shanghai, Jiangyin, Suzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Seoul, Korea. The company makes extensive use of the ecological resources of strategic partners at home and abroad to provide professional products and services for Chinese and global customers. The company has mature independent intellectual property rights and a complete technology research and development foundation, and is committed to technological innovation and product research and development to better serve customers in emerging application fields such as EV and AIoT.


2018-China, South Korea and other relevant industrial policies have conducted preliminary discussion and communication on the establishment of UMT

2020-Patent acquisition and team restructuring

2021-UMT Officially set sail

2022.1-Complete round A financing

2022.5-Shenzhen Branch set sail, Shanghai, Hong Kong and other regional industries are in preparation

Establishment of the company: in 2021, with the joint efforts of the co founders of China,  South Korea and relevant industry representatives of all parties, Lianhe storage was officially established.

Project contract:
In December 2021, UMT was officially launched in Wuxi, and Wuxi Municipal Leaders participated in the signing ceremony. At the same time, the meeting signed the cooperation agreement and the investment agreement between UMT and various investors. At the meeting, all parties in the industry also gave strong support to the implementation of UMT project.

Wuxi headquarters launch:
In March 2022, UMT headquarters was officially launched in Wuxi Taihu Bay Information Technology Industrial Park, with an office area of about 2000 square meters. It has exhibition hall, employee leisure area, reading area, restaurant, mother and baby room, gym and other multi-functional areas, and is committed to providing employees with a good office environment and improving their work happiness

Shenzhen company sailing:
In May 2022, UMT Shenzhen Branch officially set sail. The Shenzhen Branch is located in Sanda science and technology building in the core area of Gaoxin Park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen. This is the "Wuxi Shenzhen Hong Kong Collaborative Innovation Center" jointly built by Wuxi Economic Development Zone, Shenzhen semiconductor industry association and Shenzhen Hong Kong Microelectronics College of Southern University of science and technology. The total area is 2300 square meters. The launch of Shenzhen Branch has received high attention and support from the semiconductor industry, upstream and downstream suppliers, and national partners.

Industrial preparation in other regions:
Industrial preparation in other regions: in addition, UMT Shanghai and Hong Kong offices are also making intensive preparations, which will provide strong support for the rapid development of the company's business.

With excellent historical performance, UMT has a leading design team in the world, integrates China,  South Korea and other related industries, and is committed to the core technology and patents of high reliability and high-performance storage particles. It has strong ecological resources and a world leading development platform, and has strong competitiveness.
In the future, UMT will rapidly expand its domestic sales scale and increase its market share in vertical application fields such as consumer electronics, communications, security, industry and vehicle. We will work with strategic partners such as China and South Korea to create value for customers and achieve win-win results through technological innovation. The company has started the construction of the sealing and testing production line, and carried out the strategic layout of key links such as wafer manufacturing, striving to become a global storage chip and solution IDM supplier based in China.

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