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  • Industrial

    With the development of automation technology, higher productivity and higher efficiency are key to industrial reform and optimization, but high performance,high reliability and high durability are still exceedingly crucial for the compliance with rigorous requirements in industrial application. The excellent performance of these industrial devices is inseparable from the support of memory products.

    As a leading memory fabless company in China, UMT has a diversified product portfolio and suits for wide range of industrial applications. With our exquisite technological level and efficient R&D capabilities,we have developed memory products suitable for various harsh environments in industrial manufacturing.Therefore, it effectively guarantees the product quality and improves the productivity and efficiency as well.

  • Communication

    In the context of mushrooming of Internet equipment, communication technology is developing in wired and wireless networks. The increasing demand for network bandwidth drives the continuous upgrading of network hardware in order to meet the requirements of low latency, high speed and high efficiency in the next-generation market. Memory devices are indispensable for communication products and invisibly push the communication technology to develop.

    As a leading supplier in the communications market,UMT has developed an extensive portfolio of memory products for wired and wireless applications,ranging from broadband connections to infrastructure networks, to cellular basebands and WLAN connections. With strict internal product designand cooperation with foundries,UMT has reliable products and stable supplies. It is committed to providing you with high-quality memory products and safe and efficient solutions.

  • Consumer

    With the booming of the IoT, more and more consumer electronics become intelligent, such as smart home appliances,AI speakers and sweeping robots, etc. These application modes and on-site experiences are more optimized and mature. The user needs are fully cultivated and mobilized. The market will transit froma trial product-driven market to a mature demand-driven one, ushering in stable and rapid growth.

    These products, from data acquisition and analysis to control and execution, are inseparable by memoryssupport. Dosilicon can provide diversified and high-quality memory products to assist users with highreliability solutions, so as to meet the demands for low power consumption, high speed and extended service life in different scenarios.

  • Mobile Devices

    For a long time, mobile intelligence has reshaped our ways of life. Intelligence and efficiency have already been the most powerful keywords in the mobile era. Therefore, the ultra-long standby of mobile devices is bound to be the primary prerequisite, which requires the memory to have lower power consumption, more efficient information transmission and more stable data storage capacity.

    UMT has a R & D team with rich R & D experience, and has profound practical experience and technology accumulation for low-power and high-quality storage products. We are committed to providing you with efficient and safe solutions and creating better products.

  • AIoT

    The applications of IoT are prevalent in industry, agriculture, environment, transportation, logistics, security and other infrastructures. It has driven the intelligent development effectively, so the efficiency of the industries has improved. Therefore, in the era of IoT, it is crucial to store a large number of data safely and reliably and ensure real-time data as well. This means IoT has higher real-time and security requirements for data acquisition and transmission.

    Owing to its rich experience in the design and production, UMT's memory products have excellent performance such as flexible structure, high efficiency and reliability. Therefore, it has greatly improved theperformance advantage in loT and accelerated the artificial intelligence to meet the demands for small sizeand high reliability in loT. So far, the products have been widely used in AI speaker, smart watch andintelligent entrance guard system and so on.